MKS Enterprise

MKS Enterprise is a collection of IT knowledge that hopes to help companies with full web, network, or big data solutions.

We are a large part of the Science Innovation Hub at University of Copenhagen, where we are located.

Our clients have let us work within a variaty of fields, we have helped the engineering company Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson with building a large data application for Structural Health Monitoring, the startup Råhandel with creating an online markedplace for microproducers and restaurants in Copenhagen, and even setting up Zigna‘s internal network.

Beside consulting we are working on a project called SenMoS “Sensor Monitoring Solution” for collecting sensor information from large constructions.

Challenges are always welcome. So if you have an assignment or issue where you think we can help, please contact us!

Contact Information

Nørre Allé 63 Copenhagen, Denmark